Ridgewood is proud of our alumni. For more than nine decades, beginning with our first graduating class of 1924, eight hundred and twenty-three students have earned a education. That Ridgewood education has carried them forward into lifetimes of achievement, success and fulfillment. To each and every one of our alumni, please accept our sincere gratitude and thanks for your contribution to a proud tradition and mission: Ridgewood School, The Light of Learning.

Did you know that many families have three or more generations that have or currently attend Ridgewood School? Ridgewood is a tradition that has continued through generations. It is no secret that these families believe in the mission and values that Ridgewood instills in each child, and from experience, they realize that there is no better choice for private education in the region.

Approaching our 100th year of education, Ridgewood School has left and continues to leave, a lasting impression on our past and present students and their families. This tradition and the strong foundation to which Ridgewood’s successes are attributed, is the primary reason why families continue to choose Ridgewood School as their first choice for education. It is the legacy that Ridgewood graduates are committed to passing along to their children, their grandchildren, and the children in their community.

Your gifts to Ridgewood are important to sustaining the futures of our young people who need your assistance to offset tuition. This has been true since the school was founded in 1919, as charitable gifts from alumni and supporters are a primary resource that sustains our viability. Through your generosity and that of other members of the Ridgewood School community, we have been able to provide outstanding educational opportunities to hundreds of students. Your gift honors and continues that tradition that has existed for almost a century.

Ridgewood School welcomes you to the Alumni Community for alumni, as well as current and former faculty and staff members. Our website can help you to reconnect with Ridgewood, your former classmates and the wonderful experiences you shared, while rekindling fond memories of your past.

Ridgewood School Graduates

Established in 1919, Ridgewood School has built a strong tradition of academic excellence. We celebrate this heritage and recognize all of those who have attended Ridgewood School. Below, you can download a list of our graduates in either chronological or alphabetical order, based on existing records. Note: Ridgewood did not have graduating classes in: 1932,1942, 1958, 1960, and 1962.

Download the full chronological list of the Ridgewood School Graduates ».