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The Admissions Journey

Prospective students and families interested in enrolling at Ridgewood School will find our Admissions Process to be simple and straightforward. Call and schedule your visit today at 937.399.8900

1. Visit the school.

2. Please fill out the Admission Application online here.

3. Arrange a testing date.

Each child seeking admission to Ridgewood is tested using either the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE, entering grades 2-8), or Ridgewood School’s Admission Test for grades K-1. These tests provide us with an indicator of grade readiness. Your child should not feel pressured as these are primarily indicators of strengths and weaknesses which will help our teachers best formulate a plan for your child’s educational future. They will also indicate if a student is or is not ready to advance to the Ridgewood curriculum. The testing fee is paid to Ridgewood School, and is non-refundable.

4. Meeting with the Head of School

When the Head of School receives the test results she will schedule a meeting with the family to discuss the results. In addition, a “shadow day” may be recommended for students transferring from another school.

5. Complete the Registration Form.

Once a student is accepted for admission by the Head of School, a registration form must be completed. The non-refundable registration fee for all students is $200, and will be applied to the student’s tuition. At that time, you may also apply for financial aid.

Admission/Registration Fees

  • Application Fee: $60

  • Testing Fee: K-1 $50, 2nd-8th $155 

  • Non-refundable Registration Deposit: $200 for all students

  • Financial Aid Application Fee: $60 (only if you plan to apply for financial aid through School and Student Services by the National Association of Independent School.)



2024-2025 Tuition

Morning Preschool: $5,200

All-Day Preschool: $8,300

Grades K-8: $8,600

Tuition includes all textbooks, laboratory supplies, lockers for upper level students, library usage, testing materials, team sporting events. There may be an additional charge for field trips.

Additional Fees


The following costs are not included within the tuition:

Cafeteria fee of $25 per family annually

Upper Level activities fee of $100 per student annually (grades 5-8 only)

K-8 School Lunch $4.50 a day
(billed monthly)

Pre-School Lunch $3.25 a day
(billed monthly)

After-School Care $6 per hour
(billed monthly)

Pre-School Snack Fee $15
(billed monthly)

Payment Options


A family may pay tuition in one of the following ways:


Pay in full by July 31 of the upcoming academic year.


In 10 monthly payments, with the first payment due on July 31 (non-refundable) and the last payment due on April 30. The remaining payments are due on the last day of each month.


Visit Campus

If you’re considering Ridgewood for your child, we would love to host you for a tour. Contact our admissions team for more information.


Affording Ridgewood

Ridgewood School offers financial aid programs for students of qualifying families to help meet the cost of tuition. Upon successful admission and student registration, a family may apply for financial aid assistance.


Below you will find the different financial aid options.

Pease contact Ridgewood School with any questions at (937) 399-8900

The Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program

Families are first evaluated to determine if they qualify for the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program. This program is administered by the Ohio Department of Education, and scholarships are subject to availability. Any student who currently attends or will be assigned to any of the qualifying schools in Springfield/Clark County may qualify for and be awarded an Ohio Ed Choice Scholarship.

An Ohio EdChoice Scholarship offers $6,166 per qualifying student for each school year to help cover tuition costs for a private school. If a student’s family income is above the 200% poverty level, the family is responsible for paying the difference between the scholarship and the school’s tuition; however they may participate in work study/volunteer capacities to offset the difference. Families who do fall below the 200% poverty level are not required to pay the difference.

Once a student has applied for and received an Ohio EdChoice Scholarship, the student can renew the scholarship each year through eighth grade provided that the student:

1. Does not move to another public school district, unless the student would be assigned to an Ohio EdChoice designated public school in the student’s new district;

2. Takes all required state achievement tests;

3. Has good school attendance. Students cannot have more than 20 unexcused absences in a school year;

4. Remains in good standing by meeting all academic requirements of Ridgewood School.

Applications for the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship must be made through Ridgewood, after a student has been accepted for enrollment. Application forms may be downloaded here, or are available from the Ridgewood main office:

Additional information is available on the ODE website.



Make an Informed Decision

Reach out to our admissions team and we’ll send you any additional information that you’d like to receive. 


“I have to say in all honesty that Ridgewood has given our children everything we wanted and more. It is a safe and loving environment that has helped our children blossom and develop beautifully. The teachers and staff of Ridgewood School have played a very important role in our children’s lives, and we truly appreciate all of them.”

– Sangita Nezhad, Ridgewood parent, 2010

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