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Ridgewood Community

Elementary at Ridgewood

Our elementary level is kindergarten – 5th grade. During this foundational academic window, we introduce students to a wide variety of curriculums and subjects to encourage their curiosity and broaden their horizons.  We lay the foundation for our rigorous college preparatory curriculum that follows and as a result, Ridgewood graduates are confident and well-prepared for the demands of high school, college, and their futures.  Furthermore, in 4th and 5th grade, students are eligible to participate in a variety of academic competitions including the Young Authors Writing Contest, the Geography Bee, and the Spelling Bee.


In Kindergarten at Ridgewood students will learn many skills through explorative, thematic studies. They are engaged in cross-curricular unit studies that involve many extended projects, student-led discussions, STEM challenges, investigative science experiments, and are infused with art. Some topics of study may include the Forest Biome and habitat, Space, Fairy Tales, and the Rainforest. 

Our Kindergarten program builds the foundation of their learning in all subject areas. In mathematics they will learn number sense, addition, subtraction, skip counting, and basic geometry. They will learn to use math skills and tools that will set them up for success as they continue each year. They will also learn foundational reading skills through our phonics program, including decoding (sounding out), encoding (spelling), rhyming and word families, and typically begin reading books. A love and excitement for reading and storytelling is fostered through many book studies, reader's theater, and cooperative storytelling throughout the year. 

In Kindergarten we also focus a lot of our time learning social-emotional skills. Conscious Discipline and Love & Logic (research-based classroom management techniques) are used in the classroom to help students learn to become conscious decision makers, independent problem solvers, communicators, and responsible contributors to our school community. We also do yoga and mindfulness activities to foster and promote a peaceful, calm, and loving learning environment. 

Courses Available:

  • Art

  • Music

  • Spanish

  • Computer

Elementary Staff


Anna Keihn

Kindergarten Teacher

Jenna Carter.JPG

Jenna Carter

First Grade Teacher


Rebecca Jones

Second Grade Teacher

Kelly Biers.JPG

Kelly Biers

Third Grade Teacher


Brandi Ketron

Fourth Grade Teacher

Meghan Newell.JPG

Megan Newell

Fifth Grade Teacher


“I have to say in all honesty that Ridgewood has given our children everything we wanted and more. It is a safe and loving environment that has helped our children blossom and develop beautifully. The teachers and staff of Ridgewood School have played a very important role in our children’s lives, and we truly appreciate all of them.”

– Sangita Nezhad, Ridgewood parent, 2010

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