When I think of the five most important experiences in my life, attending Ridgewood comes to mind. Learning how to write well, being exposed to two foreign languages at an early age, and interacting closely with many exceptional teachers gave me a strong foundation that still serves me today. I am fortunate that my support of the Thacker Study Room, dedicated to my late brother and alumnus, Todd, keeps me in touch with Ridgewood." – Scott Thacker, Ridgewood Alumnus​
I have to say in all honesty that Ridgewood has given our children everything we wanted and more. It is a safe and loving environment that has helped our children blossom and develop beautifully. The teachers and staff of Ridgewood School have played a very important role in our children’s lives, and we truly appreciate all of them.”– Sangita Nezhad, Ridgewood parent, 2010.
During my experiences at Ridgewood in the 1950s and those of my children in recent years, the result has always been the same – a quality education derived from small classes and caring teachers, supported by parents who want the best education for their children.” – Daniel P. McGregor, Ridgewood Alumnus and Former Parent
After almost 30 years, I still thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to attend Ridgewood School. The quality education I received then is still the hallmark of Ridgewood today, as are the exceptional teachers and one-on-one attention given to each student. When my daughter was ready for kindergarten, my decision was easy. I chose Ridgewood.” – Jeanne Heckler Lampe, Ridgewood Alumnus and Former Parent
My experiences at Ridgewood went far beyond the academic. My relationships with other students and teachers was like that of a big, close family.” – Tricia Barnes Dotson, Class of 1990
Although my years at Ridgewood are memorable for the family-like feeling I had while there, the true value of my Ridgewood education did not completely reveal itself until years later in college. It was then that the ability to compose essays with ease, coupled with a strong foundation in foreign language and other skills developed at Ridgewood surfaced and made a difference.” – Dr. Thales Pavlatos, M.D., Ridgewood Alumnus, Parent, and Former Board Member
The commitment to academics Ridgewood Provides was very helpful in preparing me for high school and college. The level of exposure Ridgewood provides is like a window into many worlds. The people and experiences I keep with me from my years at Ridgewood made a huge impact on my life, and I am extremely proud to have had the privilege of being part of the Ridgewood family.” – Ben Yu, 2004 Graduate and Earner of a Perfect ACT Score