The Arts

Ridgewood strives to have a top notch visual and performing arts program because:

1. We believe artistic and creative expression are fundamental pillars to a well-rounded child.

2. Study of and participation in the arts give children hands-on experience of collaboration, listening, and understanding differences.

3. Life does not exist in a silo, and so, at Ridgewood we integrate visual and performing arts in every way possible.

4. Theatre and Dance promote psychological health & maturity.

5. Children are more productive learners when given the opportunity to dance, sing and play.

Exploration of world culture, history, and tradition are included at every level at Ridgewood. Students at all grade levels take music and art classes twice weekly.

In grades 4-8, students further their musical growth by participating in performance ensembles. Grade 4 focuses on vocal music. Grade 5 continues vocal music development and introduces Beginning Band. Grades 6-8 continue instrumental music advancing in Band with on-going vocal development opportunities in Winter musical performance. The discipline required to prepare a performance concert as a full ensemble allows each student to find a sense of accomplishment and recognize growth. Our performance events throughout the year provide a sound educational experience and serve as a source of intrinsic motivation for students to pursue musical excellence and skills.

Each year since Ridgewood’s founding, Upper Level students collaborate with our visual and performing arts faculty to produce the Winter Musical. In this Ridgewood tradition, students find their place on the stage, on the technical crew, as student directors and choreographers.

Annual Events

» Multicultural Night

» Winter Program

» Winter Musical

» Spring Musical and Talent Show

» Ohio Music Educators Association Competition

» Graduation and the Passing of Classes