Support Our School

Sometimes people do really special things and we don’t get the chance to say thank you. At Ridgewood School, we want to thank you now; in person; face to face! That’s when we talk about Planned Giving. Supporting Ridgewood and our students can enhance a donor’s financial and estate plans, and at the same time, support the long-term financial stability of the school through an endowment.

Planned gifts are designated in many different ways. The most common is a bequest by designating Ridgewood School in your will. Other contributors choose to convert funds such as purchasing a life insurance policy or designating retirement assets that name the school as a beneficiary. There are so many long term options available that we recommend our donors seek advice from an attorney or financial planner. We can help with suggestions and guidelines, also. Please contact Ridgewood School at 937-399-8900 for more information. Thank you!

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Reasons for Donating

Ridgewood School depends upon gifts and donations to supplement tuition for our general purpose operating fund and to offer scholarship assistance to students who could not otherwise afford a Ridgewood Education.

Costs and Value per Student

Ohio spends, according to the U.S. Census Bureau data, $10,173.00 per student per year on education, 19th in the nation. We receive very nominal funding from the government to support our School operations. Ridgewood tuition ranges from $6,700 to $6,950 per student dependent upon grade level.

Ridgewood students rank, historically, in the upper tenth percentile nationally in all standardized testing of students at secondary education levels and at college entrance examination levels.