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Download a printable version of the brochure and registration form here for course descriptions and information, then use the form below.

Note: completion of all information is required.

PreK-1 courses held at Ridgewood School. All other courses held at Springfield Museum of Art. Use additional forms for additional students.

Click the box(es) of the course(s) you wish to register your child for.

  • 1.Tinker Gardens - $552.Butterfly Wings - $553.Kids ’n’ Art - $1104.The Dreamcatcher - $555.Musical Theatre 101 - $556.Batik and Tie Dye Art - $1107.Musical Theatre 111 - $558.Figure Drawing for the Beginning Designer - $559.Art Off the Wall - $11010.Maps, Treasures and Scavenger Hunts - $5511.Big Messy Art! - $5512.Tracks & Traces - $5513.Mission Impossible! - $5514.I Survived! - $55
  • 15.Nature Classification, Exploration and Survival - $5516.Walking Sticks and Fossil Finds - $5517.Nature in Art - $5518.Exploration and Survival Skills - $5519.Miss Goshia’s Guide to Surviving Greek Gods and Gorgons - $5520.The Kindness Rock Movement! - $5521.Service Beyond Self - $5522.Coding and Robotics - $5523.Big, Messy Art - $5524.Rockets Away! - $5525.Beginning Chess - $55

  • 26.Flight School I - $5527.Bloxels - $5528.Checkmate! - $5529.Nuts and Bolts - $5530.Origami Revolution - $5531.Flight School II - $5532.Bloxels - $5533.Developing Character through Body Objects - $5534.Dance! Dance! Dance! - PreK-1 - FREE35.The Wizard of Waste - PreK-1 - FREE36.Exploring the Daily Life of Early Settlers - PreK-1 - FREE37.Superheroes! - PreK-1 - $60



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