Originally called ‘The Little School in the Woods,’ Ridgewood School has built a solid foundation for grades K-8 based on the philosophies of its founding fathers: the Bretney, Kelly, Martin, Miller and Wallace families. The school opened its doors in 1919 when a local bank loaned the money to open the school at the corner of North Fountain Boulevard and Harding Road. Stock options were sold to those who supported the idea of private education. The land was donated by the Kissell Real Estate Company. In 1962, the school moved to the current location at 2420 Saint Paris Pike. This open farmland was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Matthews, in memory of a founding father, Mr. Fred M. Wallace.

In 2018, thanks to the generosity of alumni and loyal supporters, Ridgewood opened the Jane P.B. and Peter Hollenbeck Preschool.

Through the years, Ridgewood graduates have remained loyal to their alma mater, sending their own children, grandchildren, and now great grandchildren through the same rigorous educational process that they experienced as youngsters. It is a joy to hear the many Ridgewood success stories and memories treasured by some of the earliest graduates who carry with them the friendships that connected them and bonded them for a lifetime.

Recently, Ridgewood School received commendations from both The Ohio State Senate and The Ohio House of Representatives. Legislators proclaimed Ridgewood as the Oldest Co-Educational Independent Day School in Ohio, established in 1919, and praised the school for its continued commitment to instilling a love, desire and dedication to scholastics, global diversity, and academic achievement. That commitment is so strong many alumni lay claim to valedictorian and salutatorian status at their high school graduation.