Q: What kind of school is Ridgewood School?
Ridgewood is an independent, coeducational, non-profit, non-sectarian day school. We are Ohio’s oldest independent private school. We serve grades PreK through Eight.

Q: When was Ridgewood School founded?
Ridgewood School was founded in 1919. The Ohio General Assembly has declared Ridgewood School as Ohio’s oldest independent private school. You may read more about our history here.

Q: Where is Ridgewood School located?
Ridgewood School is nestled within a five-acre wooded campus in Springfield, Ohio and located off Saint Paris Pike. Specific location and directions are available here.

Q: What are the facilities like?
Ridgewood School is situated in a beautiful private and wooded five-acre setting adjacent to the Springfield Country Club Golf Course on the northwest area of Springfield, Ohio. The facility is unique in that students have access to a nature/science lab, a Learning Garden, a nicely equipped playground, outdoor tennis courts, paved basketball and four-square areas, and an outdoor stage. All classrooms have computers, and new smartboards have recently been implemented for hands-on instruction.

Q: What is the total enrollment?
The enrollment capacity of Ridgewood School is 176 students. The school serves students in grades PreK through eight. Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 16 students per grade.

Q: What time does school start?
Ridgewood School begins each day at 7:55am. The day ends at 2:55pm.

Q: Is my child required to buy lunch?
Students may purchase a school lunch or bring a packed lunch from home.

Q: What is Ridgewood School’s maximum class size?
Maximum class size at Ridgewood School is 16 students.

Q: What is Ridgewood School’s average class size?
Average class size at is 12 students per class.

Q: How many faculty and staff are employed at Ridgewood?
Ridgewood School assigns one teacher per classroom. In addition, the school offers a specialized curriculum that includes tutoring, art, music, Spanish, computer applications, library skills, and physical education. These areas are taught by additional faculty members.

Q: How diverse is Ridgewood?
Ridgewood strives and achieves a diverse student population that crosses all socio-economic, cultural, racial and sectarian boundaries that includes a wide variety of individual life experiences. A diverse education at Ridgewood means nurturing a belief in the dignity of each individual and teaching children to understand different perspectives, the importance of historical viewpoint, and the existence of individual and group bias. Students learn to question and critique the variety of beliefs and interpretations they encounter within the curriculum, the School, and the wider community. Ridgewood prepares students to participate responsibly as citizens of a global community that struggles with issues of truth, justice, fairness, and equality. You may read more about our vision, mission and values here.

Q: What geographic area does Ridgewood serve?
Ridgewood School attracts students from Springfield, Clark County, and surrounding areas within southwestern Ohio.

Q: Does Ridgewood School provide after school care?
Ridgewood School offers an excellent after-care program for its students. After-care is available daily when school is in session at a cost of $3 per hour per child.

Q: Does Ridgewood School have extra-curricular activities?
Ridgewood School provides a variety of excellent extra-curricular programs. Many students participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities provided outside of Ridgewood.

Q: Does Ridgewood School have outside field trips for its students?
Ridgewood School augments instruction with pertinent field trips. Field trips are scheduled throughout the school year.

Q: Does Ridgewood School offer social events for students?
Ridgewood offers social events for our students through various student council sponsored activities such as bowling, movie nights, and bashes for the upper level students.

Q: Is transportation available for students?
Transportation for students residing within areas that feed the Springfield/Clark County school districts are provided transportation to Ridgewood by the public school bus system.

Q: Where do students go after graduating from Ridgewood?
Many of our students enroll in local public and private schools after Ridgewood graduation. Within the last fifteen years, sixteen Ridgewood graduates have been valedictorians and salutatorians at their graduating high schools. Some of our graduates enroll in private boarding schools outside of the Clark County, Ohio area and outside of the state.

Q: What is the tuition cost for Ridgewood?
Our tuition is the greatest educational value in the area. We can help make tuition affordable through a variety of available programs for any family who has a child who meets our admission criteria. Ridgewood tuition for the 2018-19 school year will be $7050 for full-day Preschool, $3525 for half-day Preschool, $7200 for Kindergarten, and $7500 for grades 1-8. In addition, an activities fee of $100 is assessed to each student in grades 5-8.

Q: Can I make tuition payments online?
Not currently.

Q: Is financial aid available?
We offer and can provide financial assistance from several sources for families who may need and qualify for such assistance.

Q: Are scholarships available?
Ridgewood offers limited internal scholarship opportunities for qualified students. In addition, Ridgewood School actively participates in the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program.

Q: Does Ridgewood accept Ohio EdChoice Scholarship applicants?
Yes, we do!

Q: How do I apply for Admission to Ridgewood School?
Please go to the Admissions section of our Web site for complete admissions packets. There you will find Admission forms and all of the information you need to get started!

Q: Does Ridgewood accept donations and endowments?
Ridgewood gratefully accepts donations, contributions and endowments. No private education institution could survive without the help and support of benefactors. No education is more important for any individual than that taught and learned during a child’s grade school years. To discuss such opportunities to significantly impact the lives of children, please call Ridgewood School at 937-399-8900 for details. Thank you!