Our curriculum is an innovative, 21st century curriculum that prepares our students for the challenges of tomorrow. We believe in the balance of an award-winning STEM curriculum, coupled with with exciting opportunities in the visual and performing arts. Together with foreign language education, service learning opportunities, and an emphasis on oral and written communication, the Ridgewood curricula create a balanced approach: one that encourages creativity, while preparing students for 21st century problem solving.

Ridgewood’s curriculum reaches far beyond minimum competencies, creating a climate of achievement and success. Highlights include:

» A differentiated math curriculum that allows students to learn at their own pace, including Algebra I and Advanced Algebra for qualified students.

» Spanish language instruction, beginning in Kindergarten.

» Bi-weekly visual arts classes grounded in art history and theory for all grade levels.

» Bi-weekly music classes for all grade levels, with a Symphonic Band program beginning in fourth grade.

» A rich technology education program, beginning in Kindergarten.

» An inquiry-based science program, including hands-on learning in both our classroom lab and on-site Eco-Laboratory.

» A fundamental Character Education framework integrated within all classroom curricula.