Jasmine Owens Moves On to State Power of the Pen

The first Power of the Pen competition was on December 16! Aseelah Ashraf, Mozie Van Raaij, Amin Ahmed, Simra Ahmed, Bella Gianakopoulos, and Jasmine Owens all moved on to the Regional Power of the Pen competition. Jasmine placed 6th overall and will be moving on to the State Power of the Pen! We will have to wait to see anyone will be joining her in May at Wooster College. May the Power of the Pen be ever in your favor!

Box Tops and Labels for Education

Every year the school collects box tops for education and labels for education. Our goal for box tops this year is to raise $1,000! Last year we were able to raise $554 and have been able to raise $1,919.85 from the day we started years ago. Please help us reach our goal by asking friends and family members to save their box tops and send them to school with your children! We have been able to get new gym equipment with the labels for education that have been collected and have 8,717 points in the bank today! Keep up the good work!

Total Value of Box Tops for Education today= $275
Goal for the year: $1000

The labels for education company has informed Ridgewood they will double anything we turn we turn in at the end of the year!