Campus Life

As important to Ridgewood as its pedagogy is its community. We believe that a strong community of learners is one in which students learn and grow with each other and from each other, building a strong appreciation for teamwork and collaboration. We expect the same sense of collaboration from our staff, families, and alumni. Our community not only honors, but celebrates its diversity, and strongly values social justice and community service. In these ways we are growing students who not only take ownership of their own education, but are prepared to be the next generation of citizens and leaders.

The Ridgewood experience reaches far beyond the classroom. Engaging the whole child means providing opportunities for students to find success in each of their unique ways. The Ridgewood experience includes:

» Mentorship: Upper Level students each mentor at least one Lower Level student, developing friendships outside of their grade level, and passing on the qualities of success at Ridgewood.

» Community Service: Ridgewood students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of community service as part of the graduation requirements, yet most students far exceed that minimum, volunteering in the community and fundraising for the Student Council’s Charity of the Month.

» Leadership: Ridgewood students have many opportunities to develop leadership skills. Student Council and other clubs and organizations give students the opportunity to lead their fellow students.

» Performance: Ridgewood students have many opportunities throughout the year to perform, in music, dance, drama, or public speaking. Our Multicultural Night and Winter Programs are long-standing Ridgewood performance traditions.

» Family: Ridgewood’s families are committed to strong education, to parental involvement, and to the development of the whole Ridgewood community.