Affording Ridgewood

Ridgewood School offers financial aid programs for students of qualifying families to help meet the cost of tuition. Upon successful admission and student registration, a family may apply for financial aid assistance. Below you will find the different financial aid options.

Please review our entire Admission Process for the application process and necessary application forms.

Scholarship and Financial Aid Programs and Processes

Ridgewood School has several options available to help students and their families afford and cover the tuition for a Ridgewood Education. These programs are: The Ohio EdChoice Scholarship program, and the Ridgewood Tuition Assistance Work program. These programs are discussed below.

The Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program

Families are first evaluated to determine if they qualify for the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship Program. This program is administered by the Ohio Department of Education, and scholarships are subject to availability. Any student who currently attends or will be assigned to any of the qualifying schools in Springfield/Clark County may qualify for and be awarded an Ohio Ed Choice Scholarship.

An Ohio EdChoice Scholarship offers $4650 per qualifying student for each school year to help cover tuition costs for a private school. If a student’s family income is above the 200% poverty level, the family is responsible for paying the difference between the scholarship and the school’s tuition; however they may participate in work study/volunteer capacities to offset the difference. Families who do fall below the 200% poverty level are not required to pay the difference.

Once a student has applied for and received an Ohio EdChoice Scholarship, the student can renew the scholarship each year through eighth grade provided that the student:
1. Does not move to another public school district, unless the student would be assigned to an Ohio EdChoice designated public school in the student’s new district;
2. Takes all required state achievement tests;
3. Has good school attendance. Students cannot have more than 20 unexcused absences in a school year;
4. Remains in good standing by meeting all academic requirements of Ridgewood School.

Applications for the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship must be made through Ridgewood, after a student has been accepted for enrollment. Application forms may be downloaded here, or are available from the Ridgewood main office:

Additional information is available on the ODE website.

Ridgewood Tuition Assistance Work Program

If a student’s family does not qualify for an Ohio EdChoice Scholarship or if the student’s family needs help to meet tuition expenses, they may apply for financial aid assistance. Ridgewood School uses a third-party service, School and Student Services (SSS) by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), to process requests for financial aid. Applications for assistance must be submitted online ( through the SSS by NAIS system. A processing fee of $55.00 is charged for each application. The processing fee is submitted online at the end of the online application process.

Directions for completing the application through SSS by NAIS can be found by going to the website here.

Applications for financial aid must be submitted through SSS by NAIS before June 1. Awards will be made at that time, with special preference given first to returning Ridgewood families. Applications submitted after the June 1 deadline will be considered only if financial aid funds remain after on-time applications have been awarded.

Preschool Financial Assistance

The preschool does not offer the EdChoice scholarship and has limited financial aid options. For more questions concerning financial assistance please contact the school at 937-399-8900.

Letter of Special Circumstances

A letter of special circumstances can be written by any family. A letter is usually submitted when an applicant does not feel that the application accurately reflects the family’s situation due to a particular hardship.

Financial Aid Questions and Help

If you need any help in understanding any part of the application process of any of the Ridgewood Financial Aid Programs, need any help in submission for a request for financial assistance or have any questions, please contact Ridgewood School at (937) 399-8900. We are here to help.