Admissions FAQs

Q: When should I apply for admission of my child to Ridgewood?
Parents wanting to apply for admission of their children to Ridgewood School for the current school year should apply by the start of the school year. Inquiries and applications for the next school can be made at anytime until the start of classes for next school year. Enrollment decisions are made on a rolling basis, until a class is full. At that time, families may be placed on a waitlist. Prospective students and their families are encouraged to apply for admission as early as they can.

Q: How do I apply for Admission to Ridgewood School?
Please go to the Admissions section of our website for complete admissions packets. There you will find all of the information you need to get started!

Q: Will my application for financial assistance influence my child’s admission?
No, financial assistance will not influence any admission decision by the School. All applications are reviewed and will be accepted or denied based on the child’s testing scores, and other academic information requested by a Release of Records. All accepted students applying for financial assistance will then have their financial assistance application reviewed by the financial assistance committee. Once financial aid is established, the parent or guardian can decide if the set tuition is workable. An appeals process is also an option if circumstances warrant a review. Ridgewood works with all parents to admit, whenever possible, qualified students.

Q: Does Ridgewood School offer scholarships?
Ridgewood School offers needs-based scholarships. Financial assistance awards are based on a family’s demonstrated need.

Q: Will returning students receive the same financial assistance package as last year?
Ridgewood’s first commitment is to returning students, but eligibility is determined annually. Every family must complete a financial assistance application for each year a child is enrolled to determine eligibility.

Q: Does Ridgewood School offer a Work Study program for parents and families who may need financial assistance?
Ridgewood has a limited number of Work Study opportunities for qualifying parents and families. Every family must complete a financial assistance application for each year a child is enrolled to determine eligibility.

Q: What should I include in the admissions packet for my child?
Ridgewood School looks for academic achievement and ability, as shown by a student’s transcripts, test scores, and behavioral records. Personal qualities are measured through motivation, character, and extracurricular interests. These are all important components of the Ridgewood Application Process.

Q: How does Ridgewood handle an admission for a new student wherein the class size for enrollment has reached its maximum?
Ridgewood School has a maximum class of sixteen students. When the class reaches the maximum capacity of sixteen, prospective students are placed on a waiting list. When a space becomes available, we will immediately contact you. The class is filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q: What is the registration/admission process for new students who are placed on a waiting list?
Wait-listed students may apply for admission and complete testing. When a space becomes available, provided the student has been accepted, registration forms will need to be completed and the $100 registration fee paid before the student is formally enrolled at Ridgewood School.

Q: Are students required to re-apply the year following placement on the waiting list?
Prospective students must reapply for admission each year, provided a space does NOT become available the previous year. We will make every effort to enroll wait-listed students if space becomes available throughout the year.

Q: Will prospective students who have been placed on a waiting list be re-tested before admission?
Should one full academic year pass, students may be asked to re-test to evaluate progress and the testing fee will be assessed.

Q: For waiting list applicants, is admission granted by order on the waiting list as in a first-come first-served basis?
Once a student has been accepted to Ridgewood School, admission is granted on a first-come, first-served basis. Current families will receive first priority, next those students on the waiting list, and prospective new students and families who inquire, are tested and are subsequently approved for admission throughout the academic year. Then prospective students and their families are encouraged to apply for admission as early as they can.

General Frequently Asked Questions about Admissions

Q: What time does school start?
Ridgewood School begins each day at 7:55 a.m. The day ends at 2:55 p.m.

Q: Is my child required to buy lunch?
No, students are not required to purchase our school lunch. Students are permitted to pack healthy lunches. Drinks are available for purchase.

Q: What is Ridgewood School’s maximum class size?
Maximum class at Ridgewood School is sixteen students.

Q: Does Ridgewood accept Ohio EdChoice Scholarship applicants?
Yes, we do! See information here on our website. Application forms for the Ohio EdChoice Scholarship program are available on the ODE EdChoice website.

Additional general questions about Ridgewood School are answered on our general FAQs page.