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Media Smarts

Digital Citizenship, Media Literacy & Internet Safety
Media Literacy is the ability to access, interpret, evaluate and communicate information delivered in a variety of medium formats. Canada’s Centre for Digital and Media Literacy provides resources to help young people develop critical thinking skills and to engage with media as active and informed digital citizens.


INFOhio's Biography Reference Bank

Detailed biography database for upper elementary students. Password protected when at home, see your media specialist for assistance.

Ohio History Central - People

A great site with detailed information about famous Ohioans.

Who Was?

A fun, interactive site for the popular Who Was? book series.

Hour of Code

Coding tutorials, games, printable and challenges for beginners and those who know some coding.


K-2 friendly web and app-based coding site.


Free programming resource and online community from MIT. You can use tutorial or create on your own.


3D Designs, electronics and coding


Good for keyboarding and computer skills

Type to Learn

Good for keyboarding and computer skills

Learning to Type: A Resource Guide

A wonderful comprehensive article that links to various typing resources.

A+ Math

Math games, flashcards and a homework helper.

AAA Math

Kindergarten through eighth-grade math problems.

Ask Numbers

This site will help you do many different kinds of unit conversions.

Fishy Count

A fun counting game from the commercial site Primary Games.

Funbrain Math Zone

A variety of math games and video clips.

Springfield Symphony Orchestra

Visit the Springfield Symphony to learn about our local orchestra, musicians, and special events.

Philharmonia Orchestra YouTube Channel

View performances and informational videos from Philharmonia Orchestra in London, UK.

This wonderful site has top-quality, reliable information, games and quizzes for many health and nutrition topics. Information for kids, teen, parents and teachers.

Sports Illustrated Kids

A website about football, baseball, and more.


Explore the world of reading.

Starfall (grades Pre K - 3)

A fun way to learn to read while learning about art, music, poetry and more.

Scroll down to READ and click on a book (Grades 2 - 6)
Scroll down to MORE BOOKS and choose a genre (Grades 2-6)

Storyline Online (grade Pre K - 4) 

Actors and actresses read books aloud to the viewer. Activity sheets that go along with the books may be printed.

Books are listed by category and theme.


Research resources for students in grades K-5.  Includes online encyclopedias World Book Kids (grades K-2) and World Book Student (grades 3-5)

Enchanted Learning

Enchanted Learning produces K-12 educational material covering a wide range of topics including science, geography, math, culture and more.

Animal Information

Animal Diversity Web

An excellent online animal encyclopedia from the University of Michigan with a challenging reading level. Type your animal's name in the search box.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

National Geographic Kids


Information on over 200 North American animals.

Ranger Rick

The Wildlife Library has information on many animals.

Zoo Borns

The newest, cutest animals from the world’s zoos and aquariums

Conservation of Resources & Recycling

EEK! Recycling and Beyond

From the Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources.

Planet Protectors Club

Another excellent site from the U.S. EPA with activities and games. 

General Science

Harcourt School Publishers

Science sites that support Ohio's science standards

Magic School Bus

Science games and activities featuring Ms. Frizzle and her students, from Scholastic.

Mystery Science

Great resource for hands on activities and lessons!

Science Buddies

Hands-on Science Resources for Home and School


All About Butterflies

From Enchanted Learning

Let's Talk About Insects

From the University of Illinois Extension


Landforms from Enchanted Learning

A commercial site with color photographs of the world's landforms.

Life Science - Biomes


From Enchanted Learning


Biomes of the world from the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Life Science - Plants

Biology of Plants

An excellent site from the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Plant Adaptations

From the Missouri Botanical Garden.

Great Plant Escape

An interactive site from the University of Illinois.

What Tree Is It?

A dichotomous key that will help you identify trees.


What's That Snake?

This interesting site helps identify 30 kinds of snakes found in Ohio. Includes myths and truths about snakes.


Web Weather for Kids

Based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation.

American History

America's Story

An excellent site created by the Library of Congress.

EyeWitness - History Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It

Click on "index" to see the list of eyewitness accounts from many different time periods.

Elections and Government

PBS Kids Democracy Project

Election focused resource to help kids understand presidential elections.

Ben's Guide for Kids to U.S. Government

A U.S. Government website for children.


Mariner's Museum Age of Exploration

An excellent site that was developed with a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Explorers from Enchanted Learning

Brief biographical information about some explorers.


Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today

A terrific commercial site from Scholastic. Read and hear the true stories of both recent and past immigrants.

Maps & Geography

Geography Activities from Enchanted Learning

Games, puzzles and other geography printables.

USA Geography Games and Tutorials from Sheppard Software - Mac Version

This web site links to All About the United States. Sometimes the Mac versions will not automatically pop up. Look at the top of the window and find "Mac Users - If games are not working, click here."

World Geography Games and Tutorials from Sheppard Software - Mac Version

This web site links to world Geography Games. Sometimes the Mac version will not automatically pop up. Look at the top of the window and find "Mac Users - If games are not working, click here."

USA Geography Games & Tutorials from Sheppard Software - PC Version

World Geography Games & Tutorials from Sheppard Software - PC Version


Ohio History Central

An online encyclopedia from the Ohio Historical Society covering Ohio's natural, prehistory and history.

Ohio Historical Society

Learn about programming and exhibits at the Ohio History Center.

Ohio Memory Project

An online collection of primary sources about Ohio History.

What's the Point?

An interactive site about Ohio's prehistoric people and their flint artifacts.

Symbols of the United States

Symbols of America

A commercial site with an online quiz.

Symbols of the USA from Enchanted Learning

Printables and games related to United States symbols.

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