Academics at Ridgewood

Ridgewood School offers an academically challenging college-preparatory curriculum to maximize every student’s learning potential. The power to excel is within each student who attends Ridgewood. We understand that not all of us learn in the same way. That is why many parents choose Ridgewood. Our teachers recognize the differences in the way children learn so they look to identify what works best for each child.

Each year, 98% of our students attain grade-level or above performance scores.

Each grade has a curriculum to follow that allows for a smooth transition into the next grade. Ridgewood teachers work together to make certain students meet the goals before moving to the next level. Additionally, class sizes are limited to a maximum of sixteen students so that each student receives individualized attention and special instructional help when needed. If a student excels in an academic area, potential is assessed and placement is made accordingly.

In addition to a comprehensive program of accelerated academics, our students learn the skills of initiative, responsibility, and persistency. They embrace collaboration and learn how to accomplish tasks as a team. Ridgewood students are well-rounded individuals who are acquiring the tools that will prepare them for every phase of their lives.

The Classroom at Ridgewood

Our teachers are experienced and extremely dedicated to their work. Class sizes are limited to only sixteen students to allow a concentration of learning and the ability for teachers to give each student individualized attention. There are computers in every classroom, SmartBoards in many classrooms, and a state-of-the art computer lab.